Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here's Cookin' To Good Health!

Okay, so hubby and I have found that we DO lose weight when we watch our carb intake. Trouble is, I LOVE to cook high carb suppers...you know....pasta....enchiladas.....cornbread...rice....rolls.....etc...I could go on. Well...this week, I have planned our supper for each evening void of those ingredients that are out and out, carbs. We started tonight. It was really good....I found a spice packet for Asian Steak & Broccoli. So...I bought a nice sirloin steak.... 1 1/2 pounds....sliced into small pieces and cooked it up in olive oil and the packets of seasoning along with plenty of broccoli. Guess what? It was good...and....i don't feel ill and bloated as I sit here and type. It left me feeling good! I will be watching the scale this week and hopefully will see the numbers start to go down. I think it is the evening where I lose the battle each day...so hopefully I'll begin seeing success. We had sugar free lemonade, too. :-) Then I did an hour on my eliptical trainer while I watched the Dancing With The Stars. It helps me to be motivated to work out when I see others movin'...LOL...I guess...mysery loves company. Seriously...watching them dance makes me wanna get up and move...so the eliptical does the trick.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello & Welcome!

Hi there! I am so glad you came by. I am writing about life from the perspective of a 30 something Christian woman who is a full-time stay at home mom after working outside the home for ten years. I spent most of that time as a public school teacher. I taught English to middle schoolers. ;-) I also was hired for my "dream job" to serve as the women's ministry coordinator for a mega church in the Houston area. After fourteen months, we realized the position was too demanding for a mom of young children. My husband and I are raising a middle schooler and elementary aged child. There has been no job position I've ever held that gives me more complete joy and satisfaction that being a full-time homemaker. There's something that just seems so right about my being home. I don't mean right in the sense that if you work outside the home you are wrong....but right as in the sense that things in our family world seem "right" with me fully available to our children and my husband to be a helpmeet at all times. For the first time in ten plus years, I feel like I can literally stop and gaze into my children's eyes with no thought of fleeting minutes until I have to get something done for an outside employer. I will be writing of the simple activities and experiences this "first year" stay at home momma has. I find so MUCH pleasure and joy in what most would consider mundane. I just want to write about it. I don't really know if anyone else will be interested or not, but it will give me a way to journal my life's experiences. Come along and see what joy there is in the simple life!